The Devil At The Gate: Know Your Enemy

The currently state of the world. The WHO, NIH, and Big Pharma are responsible for the deaths of millions. Yet, the average person doesn’t care.

The apathy and complacency of many in church is clearly seen. They still buy cloths from China’s enslaved Uyghurs with no consent of their plight, and they preach against human trafficking, while denouncing the shutdown of the main route of the traffickers, the Southern border.

We then find that, knowing that the flu shot was not as effective as advertised, many church goers badgered, name called and accused their brethren of hating their neighbor for not taking an untested vaccine. The entire mandate, threat of firing, and many other coercion tactics violate the Nuremberg Code. For those of you who refuse to look in to the facts, the Nuremberg Code came about because of the Nazi experiments of WWII.