Trust The Science: The Next Ice Age

The technology would be great, as long as it doesn’t have to be subsidized. CO2 is not the issue. CO is.

Carbon Monoxide is what comes out of car engines, and it’s what causes smog. CO2 is absorbed plant to produce O2. O2 is what we breath, and exhale CO2.

If we ban CO2, we will be taxed for breathing. How long will it take before eliminating people would be justified for CO2 elimination? When money is involved, the data will follow.

Also, if CO2 is the cause for globule warming, what happened during the ice age? How did humans melt that ice, and where did that water go?

Lastly, in the 1970’s they were using the same language to tell us that we were going into another ice age. That didn’t happen. Now, they are using the same language to say we will burn to death.

Here’s the proof of the 1970’s ice age fiasco. In Search of with Leonard Namoi. Trust the science.