Where Life Begins: Found In Scripture

For centuries, society knew that life began within the womb of woman. However, in this day and time, society is trying to redefine when human life begins and the role men and women have in the creation of that human life. Even before the passing of Roe, society was looking for a way to exterminateContinue reading “Where Life Begins: Found In Scripture”

In To The Light: The SBC and ERLC’s Building Heresy

Right now, the 2022 SBC meeting has not been, is not being and, probably, will not be spoken of in many SBC churches. These churches are apathetic to the significance of the heresy that took place. Their complacent attitudes are allowing for the detonation of the Biblical foundation the SBC. One can easily see theContinue reading “In To The Light: The SBC and ERLC’s Building Heresy”

My Observations Of A Born Again and an Unbeliever

I just finished a visit with my dad. I was told that he has been anxious and agitated. I tried to comfort him, but his anxiety and agitation were still there. He tried to pass it off as the burdens of this world; however, he knows his body is slowly shutting down. He has cameContinue reading “My Observations Of A Born Again and an Unbeliever”