Blasphemy: The Pro Homosexual “Translation”

What does it say when there’s no outcry by the church and her lelders about this blasphemy? It’s a “bible” written for the purpose of convincing the church that homosexuality is accepted and promoted in the text. Like the Jehovah Witness “bible,” this was written with a slanted view of the true Gospel.

The Myth of the Modern Santa Claus

One of the greatest myths in Christendom is that of the story of Nicholas of Myra. I am not arguing about the life of the man; however, I am making an argument against the “modern” interpretation of the man. The modern Santa Claus has become a symbol of pagan idolatry, or, in essence, a spiritContinue reading “The Myth of the Modern Santa Claus”

Trust The Science: The Next Ice Age

The technology would be great, as long as it doesn’t have to be subsidized. CO2 is not the issue. CO is. Carbon Monoxide is what comes out of car engines, and it’s what causes smog. CO2 is absorbed plant to produce O2. O2 is what we breath, and exhale CO2. If we ban CO2, weContinue reading “Trust The Science: The Next Ice Age”

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