Selective Condemnation

In a resent Newsmax article Ohio only took notice of a 10 year old being raped, after Joe Biden commented about her having to go across state lines for an abortion. Now a 27 year old man is being charged with rape. The question no one wants to ask is, “How many other rapes has Planned Parenthood not reported?”

As a Christian, I can help, but notice, that there is and was more coverage about the sexual misconduct of the SBC and little, to no coverage, of the fact that Joe Biden spoke of a rape of a 10 year old, as if, it were common place. His outrage was not over the rape, but the fact that she had to go across state lines to get the abortion. The selective condemnation is plane to see.

It is disgusting how Planned Parenthood can get away with not reporting underaged abortions. Every state has laws about rape. Planned Parenthood is not being held to the same standard as other organizations, especially the SBC.